Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Georgie's Raspberry Creme Brulee

This here is a recipe for the most delicious creme brulee I have had in a long while. I was invited over to the house of two gorgeous friends; Rach and Georgie. Rach has recently turned the non-gluten corner and Georgie has been looking out for yum gluten free recipes so Rach can eat something other than rice. The dinner was spectacular; a silky, lemony, whole cooked eggplant salad followed by this magnificent, slightly coconut scented desert. I admit that yes I had to unbutton my shorts halfway through plunging my spoon into its creamy custard belly.

There are not many cooking utensils that give quite as much joy and satisfaction as the blow torch. It is a very addictive process, firing up the sugar so it melts and crystallises to form the requisite snap and crunch of a golden toffee crust. I could literally spend hours making sure every single sugar crystal was melted to caramelised perfection, probably inhaling about half the contents of the butane can in the process.

The creme brulee is intensely rich, although the pocket of fresh raspberry cuts through the richness with a fresh zing. Coconut mellows into the background without trying to stage a coup on the raspberries. The combination is irresistible.

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Georgie's Raspberry Creme Brulee:
Thanks to the talent of the gorgeous Miss Georgia Wilson

600ml cream
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup coconut milk powder*
1 tablespoon cornflour
3 egg yolks
1 cup of raspberries, extra for top
brown sugar for toffee crust

Spoon a tablespoon of raspberries into the base of 6 creme brulee ramekins.
Combine cream, condensed milk, coconut milk powder and corn flour in a heavy based saucepan. Stir continuously over a medium heat until the mixture is smooth and starts to thicken.
Once the mixture is thickened, remove from heat and instantly beat in egg yolks.
Pour mixture, over the raspberries, into the ramekins.
Top each with a few extra raspberries and sprinkle with brown sugar.
Refrigerate until you are ready for dessert! Just before serving use a brulee torch to melt the brown sugar and serve.

* sometimes quite hard to find at the supermarket... usually with the asian ingredients. Coconut cream powder also works.


  1. Only rice!? Just delete wheat, oats, rye and barely and you're OK.


  2. I have been known to embellish facts mr jock, she doesn't just eat rice!