Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homegrown Olives

We have had these olive trees at our place for close to 15 years and we are only deciding to harvest the olives now. I picked one once and bit into it straight from the tree. Don't ever do that, I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. Especially you, my favourites. But right as I speak they are sitting in a big tub of brine that we are dutifully changing every few days until they are ready (we have a while to go). 
I'm trying to think of some delicious way to marinate them, any ideas? 

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  1. So... I'm really curious now. How do the olives taste straight from the tree? ^^;;; I take it that it wasn't terribly pleasant.. but was it because it was bitter or sour... or...?

  2. oh god just HORRIBLE. olives straight from the tree haven't been brined in salt water so they aren't salty or bitter, they are just YUCK. I know that's a terrible description but it's true. I dare you.

  3. Have they finished soaking yet? I'm excited to try them!

  4. not yet! well actually they could be... i'm a little bit scared to try them, maybe we'll give it a whirl tonight. stay tuned