Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bon Chovie - Brooklyn

The Williamsburg food market, aptly named Smorgasburg, is run every Saturday down on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn and overlooks the towering Manhattan skyline. After a night spent swerving from shrimp 'n' grits to spontaneous live music bars to house-partyesque rooftops to balcony beers, these babies were a fitting breakfast in between celebrity spottings (totally scouted Maeby from Arrested Development, we recognised her freckles and she had pretty amazing wedges on, too).

Anchovies are slowly amassing a following in Australia, but they are yet to become a full-blown obsession as they are in NYC. Fresh anchovies, not those brown furry things you get in jars, are incredible. They're salty but not unbearably so, and their bones are so fragile you can crunch right through them. On top of all that, they're actually a really environmentally friendly and sustainable little fishy, and are seriously misunderstood. I only have two or three friends who truly appreciate the anchovy and these friends are kept close, for people who don't appreciate the anchovy probably don't appreciate pickles either, and I DON'T have time for people who hate on pickles.

After wandering around the market snacking on fish tacos with coriander mayonnaise and hot sauce and to sipping on Kombucha - a cool and spicy fermented ginger tea - we stumbled across the Bon Chovie, a rock 'n' roll stall with a line as long as the day was hot. I ordered a plate of original-style 'chovies and they came dusted in a crisp swathe of crumbs, a little pot of pink paprika aioli on the side and a pile of pickled red peppers. The fish were small enough to eat in one bite and were fresh and spicy and crunchy and juicy all at once.

Why hasn't anyone done this in Sydney yet? Would you eat it? I would be there every weekend.