Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take it Away

Can't wait to show you our new place! Last weekend was a dustbowl. I think I underestimated just how much of a bitch moving house is exactly. I mean, how much stuff could five people moving in together really have? That would be a lot. A lot of pots and pans it seems. And too many mugs. But that's alright, this weekend I'm going to put my dad's old Atomic stovetop coffee machine to the test, and the mugs can be put to good use.

In between unpacking boxes last Sunday I strolled up to Infinity Bakery on Darlinghurst Rd for a spinach and feta roll and some ESSENTIAL caffeine. We're near so many great places it's a hard task picking where to go first.

Looking forward to the following:

Getting serious with a porchetta roll at Wilbur's Place.
Market fish grilled over wood at The Apollo.
Cocktails Eau de Vie style at The Roosevelt.
Picking up some snacky goods at the Kings Cross Organic Farmers Market.
Campari and grapfruit at Love Tilly Devine.
The Tourist peach cocktails at Hinky Dinks.



  1. Ah, we just busted out an old Atomic coffee maker by way of parents as well. So good looking!

  2. How sexy does it look on the stove, wish I had dug it out years ago.