Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Week in Berlin

Berlin - A To-Do List

Little Otik
We've talked about this little place before, and it is a must-do for simple, effortlessly graceful food. 
Katie's Blue Cat
I stumbled upon Katie's Blue Cat on my last day in Berlin and was blown away. English-style baked goods like treacle buns, homemade crumpets with house jam, real coffee and teas, giant cookies and a cute little collection of tables out on the street.
(Pictured second from the bottom). Great little cafe for breakfast in Kreuzberg. The ricotta pancakes with a dusting of crushed pistachios, gooseberries and raspberries have seriously stuck in my mind. Coffee ain't that great, but there is a serious lack of good espresso in Berlin.

Passenger Espresso
Absolutely tiny, but packs a punch with its strong, Australian-style coffees and ANZAC cookies in a glass jar on the counter.
Santa Maria Mexican
Tacos! Incredibly potent hibiscus margaritas! On one of the busiest streets in Kreuzberg, this is a great place to start the night off on a good note, the staff were a bit spacey and it is PACKED in the summer, but that didn't really bother us.

Club der Visionaere
A hippie flop/bohemian cafe-cum-club on a barge tied to the bank of a a canal under a giant willow tree. It's only a 1 Euro entry which you get back if you return your glass to the bar when you've finished with it. Cool electronic music.

Just down the road from Club der Visionaere, Cake is filled with mismatched vintage couches, the bar looks like it was set up in about 20 minutes from a bunch of crates and a few slabs of beer, but the music is fun and the drinks are seriously cheap.
A club with a rooftop bar in the middle of an office building in the city, great view over Berlin from the roof. We saw Justice here a couple of years ago and they hold regular parties with similar acts.
Absinthe Depot 
Enormous range of real-deal absinthe, (not the fake dribble we get in Australia). The staff are really helpful in helping you choose the right bottle, and you can buy all the tools here too like water fountains (should you get really into it) and sugar grates.

The best beer garden in Berlin in my opinion. Click the link to read more.

Stil in Berlin
ExBerliner Magazine

Badeschiff pool
Shop in Mitte 
Shop around Kreuzberg  


  1. Nice photos! Will be sure to check out some of those cafes when I'm there again at the start of next year.

  2. I've never been to Berlin, but it looks fabulous - so "alternate-chic" if that's even a thing.

  3. Hey! I ate at Santa Maria when I was in Berlin last year as well. They do make a good taco! Ace photos, really enjoying your travel posts.

  4. Beautiful photos. I would love to go to Berlin, its on my to do list.