Monday, September 17, 2012

Mixing a Ruby Americano

There's something that sometimes happens when your whole world collapses - it's hope. Hope that maybe the best really is yet to come. Hope that those doubts you had late at night, that you pushed down, down, down, to somewhere below everything else, mightn't matter now. Hope that everything happens for a reason, hope for things that you never thought truly existed.

So you change the sheets, and you buy a bunch of ranunculus and ten kilos of blood oranges that seemed excessive at the time but were actually a great idea, and you drink a little with friends that laugh and make you laugh. You drink to the happiness you had for a while, but also to the future. To the life you're about to live, and to endless possibility, and the hope that maybe, just maybe, life might be even better from now on.

Onward we go. And upward, too.

A Recipe for a Ruby Americano
Inspired by a cocktail from The Hazy Rose cocktail bar in Sydney

Serves 2

In each glass (a stemless glass works best, I love these) pour 30ml of Campari, and 30ml of sweet red vermouth (I used Cinzano) over plenty of ice. If you have those giant cubes of ice, they would be great. Juice one large ruby grapefruit and divide the juice between each glass. Stir, and garnish with a twist of ruby grapefruit zest. Be happy.

All photographs by the very talented Sophie Roberts, my partner in crime. 


  1. That's my gorgeous girl. We love you Soohie.

  2. here's to hope. here's to the future. and here's to many, many ruby americano's! x

  3. At first I thought this would be somehow espresso-based--but I'm glad to be wrong! Bitter campari and citrus sounds wonderful for the end of summer. :)

  4. God I love Campari. You've inspired me to make one tonight, given things have been a little shitefuck for me too, but the future looks bright. I hope. Here's cheers.

  5. i can't wait to squeeze you till you can't breath when i get home tonight